A nerd in school and then a corporate workaholic, Francis did not have much background in fitness or dance. But a trial class in pole dance started him off on a fitness journey and he has not looked back since. After experimenting with pole dance for about two years, Francis took his training to a higher level – literally – when he moved to Aerial Hoop, Hammock and Aerial Silks in 2016. He finds joy exploring shapes and movements on the apparatus, while cultivating strength, flexibility, and mental agility.

His love for aerial arts has encouraged Francis to obtain the XPERT Aerial Hoop Fitness Instructor certification. He is also a finalist in the Airstars Aerial Dance Art Competition in Bangkok and the Viva Circus Awards in Kuala Lumpur, competing alongside some seasoned artists.

Francis hopes to share his passion for the aerial arts with all – including guys – and inspire a belief that even if you start from a lower ground, you can still achieve higher aspirations and make magic in the air.