Having no prior experience in fitness/sports for the first 2 decades of his life, Peter started self-training gymnastics strength skills at home, with the same online resources that has since sparked off the global wave popularising movement culture, CrossFit, gymnastics, handstands, calisthenics, etc. Soon after, he started learning Capoeira and taking adult gymnastics classes, before discovering aerial and circus arts in 2012.

He has since travelled to attend workshops and study circus arts from internationally renowned coaches in Montreal, San Francisco, New York, Boston and London, including an 8-week full-time certificate in Melbourne.

Peter specialises in aerial straps and handbalancing, but has dabbled in partner acrobatics, floor acrobatics, contemporary dance, bboying, physical theatre, and all the rare circus disciplines he could gain access to. Except juggling. Never ask Peter to juggle.

Being mostly self-taught, Peter enjoys the process of figuring out new skills and solving physical puzzles. To him, helping students unlock their own progress is a more meaningful and collaborative manifestation of that, and finds it very rewarding when students achieve skills in a fraction of the time he did. He attributes this to him having made all the possible mistakes on their behalf already. So if Peter nags at you, you better listen.